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10 Opleidingen en certificering. Hoewel de praktijken die onder de noemer agile vallen al gangbaar zijn sinds software ontwikkeld wordt, valt de geboorte van agile als term en concept, terug te brengen tot het Agile Manifesto 1. Agile Manifesto bewerken.
Introduction to Test Driven Development TDD.
With both traditional testing and TDD you aren't' striving for perfection, instead you are testing to the importance of the system. To paraphrase Agile Modeling AM, you should test" with a purpose" and know why you are testing something and to what level it needs to be tested. An interesting side effect of TDD is that you achieve 100% coverage test every single line of code is tested something that traditional testing doesnt guarantee although it does recommend it. In general I think its fairly safe to say that although TDD is a specification technique, a valuable side effect is that it results in significantly better code testing than do traditional techniques.
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Scaling Agile, van trend naar gevestigde orde cibit academy.
Wat is nieuw in SAFe 4.0 deel 2 Solution intent. 04 februari 2016. In dit tweede deel van mijn serie blogs over SAFe Scaled Agile Framework 4.0 bespreek ik een voor mij ondergeschoven kindje in agile: Solution intent. Wat is nieuw in SAFe 4.0 deel 1 Value Stream.
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40 things you need to know about the Scaled Agile Framework Highlight Highlight.
The Scaled Agile Framework SAFe provides a recipe for adopting agile at enterprise scale. It is illustrated in the big picture. A Scrum is to the agile team as SAFe is to the agile enterprise. SAFe tackles the tough issues-architecture, integration, funding, governance and roles at scale.
The Nexus Guide Scrum.orgLogo_withoutTag.
Do you have feedback or ideas on how to improve the Nexus Guide? Let us know. How Do I Implement Nexus? Read the guide and learn more through the free Nexus Open, our Scaled Professional Scrum workshops and Scaled Professional Scrum assessment.
What Is Epic In Agile Methodology Definition Template of Epic Yodiz Project Management Blog.
How Agile Practices Improve Release Management? How having a Lean-Agile Mindset benefits agile teams? Top agile myths and misconceptions, in agile project management. Program Increment Planning Tips for Release Train Engineers RTE in SAFe. Best Practices for Your Daily Scrum Meeting.

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